For those of you who don’t know, I live and die by IPA’s. I love the hoppy taste that seems to jump right out at you on the first sip and the bitter taste is second to none. I’m all ready a fan of Bell’s Two Hearted, Amber Ale, Oberon and others so I decided to check out of the rarest of their collect which is, Bell’s Hopslam. Hopslam is a double IPA with the ABV(Alcohol by volume) coming in at a whopping 10.00%.  Because this brew is rare and only specific retailers can get their hands on it, trying to find it is about the equivalent of trying to find bigfoot, but, one of my favorite local beer stores (whom shall remain nameless) decided to hook me up with a 6 pack. On Ebay, Amazon and other sites, a 6 pack of Hopslam is currently averaging around $40.00.

One thing I will say is that this is one brew that I’d pour into a pint glass rather than drinking out the can, just to get the full experience. That first sip was just as expected, hoppy but not too overpowering. Being 10% ABV, I usually expect some sort of bitter aftertaste or overpowering amount of hops, but, with this one it was as smooth as can be. The only downside to Hopslam is the price and rarity, in the stores(if you can find it) its averaging around $19-20 for just a 6-pack.

Would I drink this brew on a regular basis? No, solely based on price and alcohol content( If you have something to do later that day, please do yourself a favor and stay away from this one) but I definitely recommend every craft beer lover try this, especially if you’re a fan of IPA’s.


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