St. Patrick’s Day Recap

In America, St. Patrick’s day is known to be the second biggest bar day in the country(first being the day before thanksgiving) so you can imaging, I have been planning my bar hopping route out all week. The night before St. Patrick’s day I ran into an old friend and he informed me of this bar in Ypsilanti named Powell’s Pub that was opening their doors at 5 am to St. Patty’s day participants so naturally, I decided that this would be my first stop of the day. Since I’m a man who appreciates his sleep, I didn’t wake up the next day till about 7 and I ended up getting there about 10 a.m. We pay the $5 cover and the room was packed shoulder to shoulder with college students looking to party, outside there were pitchers of green beer and beer pong; gotta love beer pong before noon. I ended up staying there for a few hours until I ventured to my default spot, Downtown Plymouth. As expected, the place is packed with a mixed crowd of 20-somethings and people in their middle age. We ventured between 336 Main, Post Bar, Penn Bar & Grille Hermann’s Old Town Grille throughout the course of the night, all of theses places I frequently go to on any given weekend. It’s funny because of social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram because I post about this blog all the time, I happen to be running into a lot of people,from friends I haven’t seen in awhile, to local musicians I’ve met as an artist to bar staff that starting asking questions about this blog so I’m grateful that the word is getting around and blessed to have the backing from all of you.Overall, my St. Patrick’s day was pretty great, good food, good drinks, good friends can’t really complain. st patsST PAT 2 If you’re reading this, I hope you had as much fun as I did.

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