Beats And Brews Day Off Leg Two

Beats and Brews Day off Leg Two

Emmanuel Bates


After a flawed but fun leg one that took place at YpsiAlehous, Beats and Brews Day Off leg two kicked off the second concert tour at The Plymouth Roc, located in Plymouth, MI June 17, 2017. The event feature acts such as, Honey Monsoon, The Dirty News, Adventures with Vultures, Saint Johnny and yours truly, E-Man Bates. From the moment the doors opened, the walls of the Plymouth Roc were packed with a crowd who came to drink and have a good time as some of the best local talent in the state hit the stage.

The Dirty News opened the show, with their own brand of Rock n’ Roll grooves that got people off their feet and on the dance floor. The self-proclaimed, “Most Rock n’ Roll band of all time” came to be through a series of connections and Craig’s List. “We’re just rock n roll, if I wanted to be all artistic and get in my head about it I could say we’re more than that, but we’re rock and roll” said by Dirty News drummer, Miles Gerou. Justin Arnett (Lead vocals and Bass) and Miles Gerou (Drums) met at Eastern Michigan University and have been playing together ever since. “Even while we were in separate bands we’d be jamming (Adelaide, Dave Nash Band) so when it came time to expand beyond bass and drums we got Trevor and Alex and it’s been history made ever since; a lot of progress has happened.” Said by Justin Arnett. Alex Baylerian( Guitar)  and Trevor Vasher ( Bass, Keyboard, Vocals) were brought into the band less than a year ago through Craig’s list. “We’re rock n roll, we’re just guys that take showers, like to have a good time and make some music. We just wanna play music we like, and maybe other people would feel the same.” Said by Justin Arnett.19399876_240422709781498_2881691617944184972_n



After a brief intermission, Plymouth native and fan favorite, Adventure with Vultures took the stage to provide his own unique sound of in-your-face folk rock to the Plymouth Roc. Adventures with Vultures, (real name Matt Sauter) inked a deal with Original 1265 last year. He got his start into music from a young age playing drums with his brother (who also happened to play at the Roc) who played guitar and sang. Which drove him into hardcore and pop punk bands over the years till he found his way into hip hop for the past half of a decade under the stage name, Gatsby. “I actually went through a shitty break up which led me to pick up a guitar and start writing love songs and led to what Adventures with Vultures is now.” Said by AWV.


DSC_0993.jpg 19399811_240423463114756_4576496208896123640_n

Ypsilanti based Jazz Rock band, Honey Monsoon took the stage to send the Plymouth Roc into a trance with their brand of smooth vibes. “Individual style is like a really important thing for me, I think the style that we create together cannot be created by any other group of people.” Said by Honey Monsoon Guitarist and Vocalist, Ana Gomulka. She, Ian Griffiths (Bass, Guitar) and Taylor Greenshields (Drums) came to be when Ana and Taylor were jamming and playing shows together. Soon thereafter, they met up with Ian and became a three piece band. “Ana and I started jamming in the garage one day, then we played a show in a basement, then we played a show in a bigger basement, then we met up with Ian, then we added some extra accessories.” Said by Taylor Greenshields. Extra Accessories meaning Guitarist, Tony Durocher and Saxophonist, AJ. Honey Monsoon got their name from the Band’s vocalist, Ana Gomulka. “I was thinking of a name, I had a hard time thinking of one then one day I saw it in my head and it was beautiful, like honey dripping from the sky.” Said by Ana.


19437403_240422779781491_7898268774727854986_n      During Honey Monsoon and my sets, Leo James decided to paint and collage some solid artwork on stage while live music was playing. Honey Monsoon frequently invites Leo to do live artwork while they play after their first show in a basement in Ann Arbor provided by Hanging Hearts. “I don’t think about, I just make a mark and make a pattern and let it happen.” Said by Leo.

I closed out the night along with trumpet and trombone player, Dan Pancy, guitarist, Ian Griffiths, Drummer, Guy Williams and Keyboard and Bass player, Jordan Smith to send Beats and Brews let two off with a solid rock, funk, and hip hop fusion. I even managed to invite rapper Saint Johnny on stage for a collaboration as well as a solo set for his first live performance.

Saint Johnny, who was a late addition to the event decided to blend his unique style of hip hop that ranges from songs about past relationships to songs about his current status as an artist. For his first performance, he provided a unique energy to the crowd and showed true potential as a musician. We’re looking forward to see what he does as his career goes forward.DSC_0018


Be on the lookout for Leg Three coming to Bona Sera Underground August 19, 2017.


All photo credits go to Ronald M. Askew.





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