A Series Of Historikal Events Vol 2.

A Series Of Historikal Events Vol 2.


Beats and Brews decided to take a trip back to Detroit’s Club Bleu on July 22nd to check out “A Series of Histoikal Events” put together by local label, Generation Young Records. The event featured GYE Co-Founder, Historik as well as up and coming EDM duo, Jekyll /Hyde. The crowd was compiled fans of the artist there for the music and a bachelorette party looking to dance and have a good time. The sounds of the night gave everyone what they were looking for.

“We wanted a theme that we can showcase artist that Historik works with, we basically wanted to give everyone a shot, be humble as possible and work with as many people as possible” Said by Kevin “Historik” Schechter in reference to showcases thrown by GYE. Historik, who recently released singles such as, “Liftin” and “Fugazi” is set to release his upcoming album entitled, “Curbed Appetite” on Sep 1st, 2017. Curbed Appetite.jpg “The concept of Curbed Appetite is to have that “stay hungry” attitude. Everything in life has been falling into place, if you’re passionate about it, you have to put your blood, sweat, and tears into it. I wanted to keep it simple and artistic, I like to eat and I was getting ready to compete in a physique body building contest and they talk about curbing your appetite and it stuck with me, it’s a simple metaphor for staying hungry but it could also me curbing around any sins or negativity life could throw at you.” said Historik about his upcoming album. The 10 track LP is set to have production by TNB Beats, Ryan Brule and features artist such as, Mocha Jones, IAMkraay, Juice Jones and more.



“He was already doing music, but didn’t have anyone to really believe in him, like a support team to say, “You can do this, you can do that, you can do achieve anything you put your mind to” he had people laughing at him but I looked at him and saw greatness, I saw what he could be, I saw what he was going to be and he just needed someone around him that was going to elevate him that’s how Generation Young started was me trying to help out him in his career as Young Kev (which was revealed to Beats and Brews as Historik’s original stage name.)” Said by Generation Young Entertainment Co-Founder, Korey Sweet.  At the time, people looked at Historik (at the time Young Kev)  as another Eminem or Mike Posner but he was determined to make a statement as his own artist and find his own lane, he figured out how to re brand himself and eventually evolve into his own artist. “During that transition, he really found himself as an artist and found that his passion was in doing music.” Korey Sweet continued. Generation Young came together by pure chemistry and perfect timing, Korey own his own entertainment company and decided to come together to form Generation Young Records. Since then, the Duo of Historik and Korey Sweet became roommates and they bounce ideas off each other such as events, marketing plans, song ideas and other aspects that got GYE to what it is today and what it will grow to in the future. “Along with us, DJ Super Will is the glue that helped form Generation Young” Will “DJ Super Will” Wiggins is the General Manager of Generation Young and handles any questions that might come up about Generation Young “Anyone could be Generation Young; it’s a mindset of individuality, anyone can be Generation Young, that’s why we started this company, to show people that anyone could do anything they want with their own mindset, and don’t have to seek 10 years of schooling for something you think your good at, if you think your good at something, show me.” Said by Korey Sweet.


In addition to Historik’s set, there was a Metro Detroit based DJ duo by the name Jekyll/ Hyde that made an appearance at the event. Dillon Shamoun and Nikko Laudicina make up the DJ duo who recently released their debut EP, “Two Sided Story” available on all streaming platforms. “I found Nikko at guitar center and somebody told us we should collaborate because we have similar sounds in music, from there we played frat parties, sororities, bars around East Lansing and Mt. Pleasant area and now we’re planning to play festivals.” Said by Dillon “Jekyll” Shamoun.  August 25th Jekyll/Hyde plan on playing Breakaway Music Festival in Grand Rapids, MI.  “So we definitely have sound that any type of festival would enjoy, we have every single genre mixed into one; we’re hybrid producers, our sound fuses dubstep elements, house elements and trap elements in our own unique way.” Said by Dillion Shamoun.  One interesting thing about Jekyll/ Hyde is that they have only been working together around 10 months, but from the sound of their chemistry you would think the duo would have been making music together for years.jek-hyd.jpg

Make sure to lookout for Historik’s Curbed Appetite release party on Sep 1st located at Raising the Bar Detroit located in Sterling Heights, MI and lookout for Jekyll/ Hyde at Breakaway Music Festival on Aug 25th and opening for 3LAU at the official Breakaway Music Festival after party.