These Cider Houses Rule!

At Beats and Brews, we love our craft beer, however it’s definitely good to enjoy sweeter side of things with a crisp, refreshing hard cider. below is a list of different cities to check out around the country with some of the best hard ciders to have ever been crafted. It should also be noted that Ann Arbor, MI makes the cut, so make sure to stop in wolverine territory for your cider fix!


Here Are the Top 10 Cities for Drinking Cider

Hard cider is quickly becoming the most popular drink in many cities across the U.S. – and it’s easy to see why. With a rich history dating back to the British colonists, who drank cider more than ale, and a huge variety of customized brews available, it’s a crisp, refreshing drink that’s enhanced by the addition of other fruits (like pears and apricots). From smooth and sweet to tart and tangy, you’ll find your favorite brew in one of the U.S.’s top 10 cities for cider lovers.

We also included the city’s Walk Score to show you the ease of strolling from one cider bar or taproom to another. Also included is the median home sale price to help you analyze the cost of living and how much of your paycheck can be dedicated to sipping cider.

  1. Portland, OR

Walk Score: 65
Median Home Sale Price: $440,000

What better way to enjoy the beautiful Willamette River, which winds around Portland’s downtown hotspots, than with a crisp, cool cider in-hand? The City of Roses has several exceptional local brews to match its charmingly funky vibe.

Notable cider bars: Portland Cider House, Bushwhacker Cider, Cider Bite, Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider, Cider Riot!, Portland Cider Co., Schilling Cider House, The Civic Taproom

  1. Seattle, WA

Walk Score: 73
Median Home Sale Price: $730,000

Seattle is one of the hottest cider spots in the U.S. This gorgeous seaport city, which initially boomed during the Gold Rush and is known for its rich musical history, is now packed with trendy cider bars and great places to enjoy your favorite distillations.

Notable cider bars: Capitol Cider, Schilling Cider House, Seattle Cider Company, Number 6 CiderLocust Cider – Ballard TaproomCockrell Brewing

  1. New York, NY

Walk Score: 89
Median Home Sale Price: $540,000

New York City is a cider lover’s mecca. The Big Apple, with its unmistakable skyline and world-class attractions, is also home to some of the finest cider bars in the country. Most are in the heart of Manhattan, though several are sprinkled throughout Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island, as well.

Notable cider bars: Brooklyn Cider House, The Owl Farm, Eli’s Night Shift, The Ginger Man, Craft Culture,Taproom No. 307, Fools’ Gold, Valhalla NYC, Haymaker Bar and Kitchen

  1. Denver, CO

Walk Score: 48
Median Home Sale Price: $425,000

Tucked in the South Platte River Valley, Denver is a Rocky Mountain paradise for cider aficionados. Teeming with great pubs and cideries, the Mile-High City is a spectacular place to search for your next favorite beverage.

Notable cider bars: C Squared Ciders, Hops & Pie, Colorado Cider Company, Stem Ciders, The RackhouseFalling Rock Tap House

  1. San Francisco, CA

Walk Score: 86
Median Home Sale Price: $1.42 million

The City by the Bay is a great place to sample new ciders from local artisans and enjoy tried-and-true favorites. Known for its spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge and its famed Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco has earned its place on the map when it comes to cider.

Notable cider barsUpcider, Fermentation Lab, Crooked City Cider, The Crafty Fox Alehouse, Shotwell’s,21st Amendment Brewery and Restaurant, Elixir, Mikkeller Bar

  1. Ann Arbor, MI

Walk Score: 51
Median Home Sale Price: $361,000

Home to the University of Michigan and a fabulous downtown area, Ann Arbor is Southeast Michigan’s best spot for cider lovers. Many of the best brews in A² come from locally sourced apples – the state is home to one of the largest concentrations of orchards in the Midwest.

Notable cider bars: Arbor Brewing Company, Bill’s Beer Garden, Beer Grotto, Grizzly Peak Brewing Company, Salt Springs Brewery

  1. Chicago, IL

Walk Score: 78
Median Home Sale Price: $300,000

Chicago is a cider lover’s dream space – it’s packed with great cider bars, most within a short distance (or right on) Lake Shore Drive. Relax in the cool Lake Michigan breezes with your favorite cider in hand or cheer for the Bears from your favorite watering hole; either way, the Windy City is an ideal place for cider connoisseurs. If you’re there during February, attend events during Chicago Cider Week.

Notable cider bars: ERIS Brewery and Cider House, Right Bee Cider, The Northman, Fountainhead, Hopleaf Bar, The Long Room, Sleeping Village, Emporium Arcade Bar, Begyle Brewing Company, The Bad Apple,Bangers & Lace

  1. Philadelphia, PA

Walk Score: 79
Median Home Sale Price: $199,000

Philadelphia is one of the Northeast’s best spots for hard cider tasting trips. The City of Brotherly Love backs up to the Delaware River, and you’ll find noteworthy cider bars minutes from the shore – and many of the brews are local, coming from rich orchards scattered throughout nearby valleys.

Notable cider bars: Cinder, Hale & True Cider Co., Original 13 Ciderworks, City Tap House – Logan , Commonwealth Ciders, Stone & Key Cellars

  1. Asheville, NC

Walk Score: 36
Median Home Sale Price: $320,000

Asheville, home of the Biltmore Estate and the famed Basilica of St. Lawrence, is a fun mountain town packed with amazing cider bars. From local brews to those imported from other areas, the Land of the Sky is definitely a fabulous place to sample new blends and infusions.

Notable cider bars: Urban Orchard Cider Company, Noble Cider, Daidala, TreeRock Social Cider House,Sovereign Remedies

  1. Minneapolis, MN

Walk Score: 69
Median Home Sale Price: $290,000
The City of Lakes – Minneapolis – is a great place to enjoy fantastic cider brews. This gorgeous city, known for its proximity to neighboring St. Paul and its unmistakable skyline, great nightlife and local attractions, is home to several amazing cider bars that get rave reviews from critics and everyday guests.

Notable cider bars: Urban Forage, Sociable Cider Werks,   Town Hall Brewery, Elevated Beer + Wine + Spirits, Crooked Pint Ale House, Kieran’s Irish Pub, Red Cow



To figure out the top cities for cider lovers, we compiled a list of the most notable cider bars in the nation – the cider bars that critics can’t get enough of and that get raves from excited guests all over social media. Then, we segmented those bars by city and arranged them by the number of favorable reviews. Cities with the most rave-worthy cider bars made our cut, which we then pared down by the quality and quantity of reviews. In order for a city to make Redfin’s Top 10 Cities for Cider Lovers list, it must have multiple cider bars with excellent ratings.


Original article from Redfin

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