Commi$$sion-Growing Up

Those of you familiar with the popular Detroit music blog, “” should be familiar with the name, “Commi$$ion” for serving as one of the main editors for the blog. I’ve personally have had several run-ins with him throughout my journey in music starting with the former Sparkhop event, Sparkfest. This year, Commi$$ion decided to step into the musical spotlight with the release of his newest project, “Growing Up.” The album consists of 10 tracks and includes features from artists such as Kid Vishis, Johnnie Morris, Sin Crawford, JrGotTheHiTS, Alexis Allon, Johnyce, Vstyles, and Redman.

The 10 track album takes a look into Commi$$ion’s past, dealing with events from his childhood, his journey into fatherhood, his experience with loss, and eventually, takes us to the artist you see today. 

The first two tracks of the album, “CARLiSLE” and “LiTTLE JOEY” do a great job giving us the introduction into the early life of Commi$$sion. The next track off the album, “Tell Em” features Kid Vishis and Beats, Brews & Points of View alumni, Johnnie Morris is one of the more hyper songs one the album with a hook that surely would have crowds chanting, “Yall can’t fuck with us, now please don’t come my way.” This leads into the lead single and first video off the album, “Too much.” The storytelling on the track leaves vivid images to the listener of an adolescent Commi$$ion coming up in the world. 

The track, “Too Bad” is opened with a Public Service Announcement from none other than Redman himself with an assist from JrGotTheHiTS on the hook. The next track, STORiES FROM CHiLDHOOD featuring Vstyles gives the listeners a looking glass view into the lives of each artist when before they found hip hop. “Flagrant” featuring Sin Crawford follows and stands out as one of my personal favorite tracks on the album and one of my favorite flows on the overall project. 

I’d never imagined that I could hear a song about the passing of a pet and make me feel emotional, but the track “Stanley” manages to do so recalling relationship Comi$$sion had with his pet cat Stanley and his first experience with seeing death up close, the song does a great job in painting an image for the listener that’s sure to melt any animal lover’s heart. 

This leads us into the track, “Paper” giving us the second feature from JrGotTheHiTS on the album. To me, this track gives a nutshell summary into the writing process. Having so many song ideas, writing them down, then realizing that you could do better and go right back to the drawing board, a process I’m sure all artists are familiar with. The final track, “Rapper Dad” talks about how his two children influence his music, his journey into fatherhood and how his children changed his life, “Who’d ever thought I’d be a rapper dad”

Overall I’m a fan of this project, Commi$$ion has given us a big start on the list of albums to check out in 2020 and overall he proves that you can wear different hats. To be an artist and a journalist is hard separately but to do both is a task that not many can do, definitely looking forward to more music in the future.

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